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Screencaps of Evermo--Wait, Really? [May. 31st, 2013|04:47 am]
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[i feel |sheepish]
[stuck in my head |Newsies--High Times, Hard Times]

Before we begin, a FAQ...

Q: Mrmmrfhm.

A: What?

Q: Mrrgmrhmpgm!

A: I can't hear you, FAQ, you have a dustball in your mouth.

Q: *spitoo*

A: Ew.

Q: Seriously? After four years, you're picking this back up? You really mean that?

A: Well yuh.

Q: Why?

A: Someone asked nicely.

Q: That's all it takes?

A: It's more of an audience than the rest of my work. Also, I found the save file I thought I lost, which is why I stopped in the first place. Also also, I've always felt kinda bad leaving this unfinished. So off we go!

Q: Your old jokes are terrible!

A: It's okay, my new jokes will be even worse.

Q: Your old jokes are offensive!

A: Yyyyyeah, it was a different time and there's some stuff in the old episodes that I wouldn't have written today.

Q: So what are you gonna do about it?

A: Nothing. I could go back and edit the entries so they're squeaky-clean, but frankly I think that'd be deceitful. I apologize for saying some really crappy stuff in the past, but I feel that it would be more offensive to pretend I never said it.

Q: Will this be the same as it used to be?

A: I'll try to keep the same riff style going, but I may be lacking in tone until I get back in the swing of things. I think I still remember most of my running gags, so you have that to look out for! Forward to. What did I say.

Q: So what the heck is even going on?

A: If you don't feel up to reading the entire backlog, Dog and Boy Save World With Power of Poosh.

Q: Is that really it?

A: I said this game was fun, not deep.

Q: Can you at least give some context for the scene?

A: Yeah yeah sure sure. *ahem* Matt, hapless boy explorer, and his faithful dog Andre, who isn't himself today, have just finished being r--mol--er--poked at by a tentacle monster in the depths of a very dark cave. With the massive squid vanquished, a bucket dropped from above, leading them up into a new, unknown world...

So when there's dry times, I wait for high times and then, I put on my vest and I stick out my chest and I'm off to the races againCollapse )
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marajahoobie and mellow beats [May. 2nd, 2013|07:26 am]
Reposting an old snark for a friendCollapse )
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Requiem [Jun. 6th, 2012|08:55 pm]
Today, Venus passed between the sun and Earth, becoming visible to the naked eye. It won’t happen again for over a hundred years more, but when it does, it will come at precisely its appointed time, for another few precious hours.

Today, though, was unlike any other time it has touched us.

Watch. Look closely. Close your eyes just a little. It was the briefest of instants, but you can still see, if you’re willing, if you look just hard enough.

You can still see, just for a moment, the silhouette of a silver ship.

It’s a ship that carries horror and heartbreak and sorrow, but overpowering any of those, it carries hope and and strength and the knowledge that laughter will always crush down the darkness into dust. It carries faith in all of us, in what we have done so far, and what we will strive and go on to do.

And if you look closely enough, if you close your eyes just enough that the brilliant light focuses for the slightest of moments on the window set at the front, you will be able to see the pilot, and you will watch as the old man sheds years away, shrugs them off like a heavy blanket, becoming a boy that knows nothing but the never-ending sweetness of summer grass, summers that last forever to a child, pushed only briefly away for the sweetness of Christmas and the wild, wonderful fervor of Halloween.

You’ll see the pilot as the years fall away, turn to a sigh and are gone.

And you’ll see that he is smiling.
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i was grinding my teeth, i was wasting my youth, and using up my teeth [Feb. 14th, 2012|04:43 pm]
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[i feel |pensivepensive]
[stuck in my head |They Might Be Giants--Climbing the Walls]

The deep end
The deep end
People talk a lot, but they don't know
They pretend
They pretend
They don't really know how deep it goes

Not my best, but at least I'm not one of the Smashwords pornmongerers. Valentine's Day is a shitty day for an ebook site's servers to go down like the cheap whores the users are trying to peddle.

Anyway, last of the trunk stories and a Valentine's Day story kind of? Only really included for completeness and because I care about the characters. If you're thinking of buying, go Fantastical God-Machine instead.

Tune in next time to watch Del stare at a blank Word template forever. Show's over, folks.
(...or is it?)
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look, i made america [Jan. 20th, 2012|12:38 am]
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[i feel |coldcold]
[stuck in my head |Dresden Dolls--Sheep Song]

It is cold. Cold cold cold cold coooooold. And I think I have the flu or something. Really creepily good circumstances for Toast to have my next cover ready.

I wish I could remember what I was listening to when I was working on this. Aces to assholes says Amanda Palmer, but I'm having a hard time recalling*.

Probably Sheep Song that seems pretty relevantCollapse )
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one square foot there's gotta be mine [Jan. 16th, 2012|01:19 am]
[i feel |scaredhrk]
[stuck in my head |Barnum!--Out There]

so I guess I'm doing this thing

is acute nausea and dizziness and possibly drooling a little the proper response to this situation I'm not sure anymore
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An Open Note to Smashwords [Jan. 15th, 2012|03:26 am]
[i feel |busybusy]

I believe I've removed my stories from this account, but on the off case your plagiarism filter churns something up, this is Izzy Winchester. To my knowledge none of my stories appear any longer online, and if they do, please notify me and I can edit accordingly. Thank you.
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Screencaps of Evermore--In Which Everything Explodes a Lot [May. 20th, 2009|04:13 pm]
[i feel |excitedexcited]
[stuck in my head |A Shoggoth on the Roof--Byakhee, Byakhee]

Holy SNOO! An update within the same month as the last one? Could I really have changed my ways? Well, I don't want to jinx it, so let's just jump straight into the action!

First, though, a shout-out: This episode is dedicated to Jonesy, who we all know and love as one of the best screencappers EVAR. He's turning twenty-one this Saturday, so everyone should go wish him well 'cause he is AWESOME and read his adventures 'cause they are AWESOME. Happy early birthday, honey! yeah I know nothing says "OH SHIT I FORGOT YOUR BIRTHDAY" like shoehorning your name into one of my crappy screencap adventures shut up and eat yer durned cake

When we last saw our heroes, they were taking a well-deserved break to rest their nerves after the Pyramid of Unwinnable DOOM. Little did they know that soon they'd be confronting epic explosions, sinister Easter eggs, underground mazes, things in the dark, and tentacles doing naughty things! WHAT! WILL! HAPPEN?!

Read more...Collapse )
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Screencaps of Evermore--Why Does It Have to Be Snakes? [May. 13th, 2009|08:04 am]
[i feel |embarrassedembarrassed]
[stuck in my head |Cocorosie--Everybody Wants to Go to Japan]

I aten't dead. There's really no excuse I can make for a nine-month absence...well, okay, there is one when I put it that way, but I didn't actually get knocked up. Long story short, college is a bitch and I'm sorry. But rejoice, for I now return to bring you inept screencapping and tepid humor once more! ...you know, like anyone was reading this in the first place.

Long, long ago, we left Matt and Andre on a riverbank with a mysterious crystal known as the Diamond Eye. Since then, they've been waiting to find its mate, because mismatched jewelry is so uncute. What lies ahead? Could it be...another obnoxious switch-laden dungeon? Oh, son of a...

Read more...Collapse )
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Screencaps of Evermore Highlights Entry--Switching and Bitching [Aug. 29th, 2008|12:39 am]
[i feel |frustratedfrustrated]
[stuck in my head |Silent Hill 3--Silent Hill No Uta]

First item of business! mega_hassi was inspired by the last episode into CROSSOVER MAYHEM!

I swear, I like it more every time I watch it :D Thanks, Mega Hassi, for bringing GREAT JUSTICE to this screencap adventure!

Moving on. Yes, I once again allowed a fair amount of time to slip by between updates. I could blame it on my connection repeatedly dying, but you wanna know what the truth is?

I HATE THIS DUNGEON. WITH A PASSION. IT'S LONG AND CONFUSING AND BROWN AND THERE ARE THREE ZILLION SWITCHES. Playing through it was bad enough, but then trying to work out how to make it entertaining for YOU guys? I have a reputation to keep up, after all...

So, after a lot of stalling and some discussion with NeutralTwin (read his awesome adventures NAO!), I took his advice and made this episode a "highlights" entry, culling the tedious stuff for the sake of a more entertaining experience. A brief weeding of any shot with a switch in it later, the cap-batch was reduced by a full third and gleamed like a shiny gleaming thing. It's not as thorough as the others I've done, but it should be as interesting, with any luck.

So! Bitching and mooing aside, when we last saw our heroes, they bought rare and overpriced souvenirs from an authentic Roman marketplace, crossed the desert once more on the rowboat of a tourist-minded ghost pirate, and met Professor Horace Highwater, another elusive Podunk resident. Now, they continue their search for the mysterious Diamond Eyes in a twisting labyrinth. Will there be a minotaur? Read on to find out!

Read more...Collapse )
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